Terms and Conditions on Sales

Every user who logs in and makes usage of our services on the e-store www.ziniboutique.com is
assumed that they consent and accept unreservedly the terms. If a user doesn’t agree with these
terms, they ought to avoid using the e-store and every transaction with it.

Ordering Products and Customer Protection

Ordering through e-shop, constitutes a concluding distance selling contract, adjustable by the
legislative framework Ν. 2251/1994, as it has modified and apply up until today.
Possibility of valid order though the e-shop exists only if the provisions of the legal Capacity of Greek
law are met, to natural or legal people.
Intellectual Property rights
The Whole content of the site www.ziniboutique.com including, indicative but not restricted, texts,
news, graphics, photographs and in general every type of files constitutes Intellectual property and
governed by national and international intellectual property provisions, with the exception of
explicitly recognized third party rights. For this reason, it is prohibited the reproduction,
republishing, copying, storage, sale, transition, distribution, publication, execution, '' loading '',
translation, modification in any way, partially or in summary without the express written consent of
the company.

Payment methods

The  products, the prices and the terms of shipment (place, times, etc..) are the ones listed on the
confirmation of registration of your order. Payment is made before or upon delivery of the product
and it can be done with one of the following payment methods.
1. Cash on delivery for your order upon delivery of the product to the place of your choice.
(CAUTION: The payment method of Cash delivery applies only for orders within Greece. For
International orders you should choose only between the available payment methods).2. Payment though PayPal. PayPal payment is done under the strict terms of transactions
imposed by PayPal.
3. By deposit in a bank account of the company. If you are facing any problems with your credit
card or you wish to complete your order though banking transaction, contact at +30 2310
220443 to inform you about the bank accounts in which you can make a deposit. In the bank
depository, you must write as a reason your full name as well as your order number.
www.ziniboutique.com has chosen the best collaborators who will guarantee for the safety
of your payment with encrypted and safe connection. Payments are done through a safe
environment (SSL 128-bit encryption).
All the bank details are confidential. www.ziniboutique.com is processing the details of your card
exclusively for the completion of the transaction between us and the repayment of the products you
have purchased from our online store. The processing of your personal data is governed by the
Privacy Policy.

Cancelling your order

The order can be cancelled in the following cases:
1. Before the order is complete, during the process of your electronic order you can remove the quantity of the products from your shopping bag by pressing the delete button and refresh the page. Meanwhile, you can change the quantity of your products you have chosen to zero. 2. If your order has been completed but the product hasn't been shipped yet to your place you can call on+30  2310220443 and one of our partners will undertake the cancellation of your order. 3. After receiving your product, call at +30 2310220443 or contact  through e-mail on [email protected] stating the reason why you wish to cancel your order and one  partner will undertake your cancellation of your order. 4. In case your order has already been invoiced and you wish to cancel it, then contact the customer service at +30 2310220443 and provide your order details. One partner will undertake the cancellation of your order and will inform you about all your choices.

Registration of members

If the user/ guest wishes to register to the services of our site, they agree to

a)provide true, valid and complete information requested to the relevant requests for access to its services/ contents and b)maintain and update regularly their registration information to be kept true, valid, up-to-date and complete.

Accounts with false or incomplete information will be deleted without notice. Each member undertakes to make strictly personal use of their account details and to immediately inform the site for any use of their account by third parties which caused a violation of the described terms of use.


Newsletters that the guest/ user of the site receives with his / her registration in the mailing lists are the
intellectual property of the site administrators and are therefore protected by the relevant
provisions of Greek law and International Conventions. The site administrator reserves the right not
to register a person in their mailing lists or delete them from them.

Sending Informative Newsletters

By completing your order, you provide your consent for sending informative newsletters from
You can request at any time to stop receiving newsletters for offers, new collections or new types of
products we offer as well as our actions or to refuse to receive instant promotional notifications.

It's easier to do so, by clicking on the <> link in any e- mail or notification we send you.
Otherwise, you can contact us by using our contact details.

Protection of personal data

The management and protection of personal data of the visitor/ user of our site www.ziniboutique.com governed by the terms and the relevant provisions of European law (Road 95/46 EC and Road 97/66 EC). Personal data (full name and email of the guest/user) which may be collected are never disclosed to third parties (except, where provided by law to the competent authorities only) but their personal character is preserved. www.ziniboutique.com maintains files with this data exclusively for communication, statistical reasons and to improve our services. In any case the guest/user of www.ziniboutique.com has the ability to contact with the relevant department and ascertain the existence of the archive staff, request deletion, modification or its change. Minors have access to www.ziniboutique.com only after their parents/guardian's consent and they are not obliged to disclose their personal details.
This Privacy Statement and the attached Terms and Conditions of Use of this website describes the method of collecting data from our website, the use of this data by us and the terms and conditions of use of this website. This Privacy Statement refers exclusively to the personal data that you provide to us during your orders, with the provisions of the applicable Legislation, including Laws 2472/1997 on the protection of the individual from the processing of personal data and 3471/2006 on the protection of personal data in electronic communications, as in force today. Network liability limitation www.ziniboutique.com takes no responsibility for direct or indirect loss or damage due to content of the website www.ziniboutique.com nor is it responsible for refund or exchange on any lost or damaged due to the use of this content. Indicatively and not restrictively we mention: loss of profit or operation, loss of opportunities or savings, any loss due to overdue or incomplete content distribution, incorrect or missing content and all related factors. www.ziniboutique.com doesn’t guarantee the uninterrupted and error- free operation of the website. The above restrictions don’t apply in the event that the loss was caused by fraud on the past of www.ziniboutique.com and will be applied only to the extent permitted by the laws and rules of Greek law.


Delivery methods, cost, and other charges  

Shipping countries 

The purchasing of products via the site is currently possible if the delivery is to take place in regions within Greece and in European Union. 

Delivery Methods 

Shipping within Greek regions are operated from Speedex & Geniki Taxydromiki from Monday to Friday. 

Shipping within European Union countries are operated from DHL from Monday to Friday. 


No shipments are taking place on the weekends and on National holidays. 

*If you place your order on Friday, your parcel should be expected from Monday onwards. 

*Possible delays on deliveries might occur during National holidays. 


Returns – changes and refunds are made within 10 working days of the day you receive your parcel. On sales products can be refunded within 3 working days. If the security label is removed, returns are not accepted. 


Shipping charges 

Shipping deliveries in Greece. The delivery cost and any additional cost shall be borne by the User. Shipping costs for deliveries in Greece are 3€. Extra costs for the pay on delivery shipments are 2 €. If you reside in Attica or any other Greek city the delivery will take 2 – 4 days. Deliveries in islands and inaccessible places will take more than 2 – 4 days. 

Shipping deliveries in European Union countries. The orders placed for European countries are charged with DHL shipping. The charges will be clearly and separately indicated on the order summary, before the User continues to the transmission of said order, as well as in the confirmation email when the products are delivered to the courier, the User will receive an email  confirmation from the seller, which specifically specify the name of the courier used and delivery details. 



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