The European finesse exuded by our women's coats places them at the top of the preferences of every modern woman! A women's coat is an integral part of the winter months, offering unique warmth and elegant style at all hours. Zini Boutique makes a difference in design by emphasizing every seam and every detail that characterizes the wool coats in its collection. Choosing a long or short coat from our renewed collection, whether wool or another high-quality fabric, you acquire an extremely modern and at the same time timeless fashion piece for your wardrobe.

Explore our options, with or without a hood, in black, gray, beige, brown, and bold colors from the entire palette, and discover chic pieces that will add a unique color and style to every outfit. Integrate into your winter wardrobe one of our fitted black coats today, or choose the type and shade that expresses you according to the occasion, and compose the most impressive looks!

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